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Below are common questions asked. If your question is not below, please ask us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Night Knights are all about fun and imagination first and foremost, and were created with that in mind. We make no claims that The Night Knights will help a child to sleep better. If sleeping is improved as a result of having The Night Knights, then that is just a fantastic bonus.

Absolutely not. The Night Knights would get very tired (along with others!) if they had to find an adventure every night. If The Night Knights don’t move through the night, then this is easily explained as “well, I guess there was nothing to investigate last night”. You are encouraged to have some “quests” though, because this is really what The Night Knights are all about.

Sure you do. There is no wrong here. Do anything and it will be right every time. This is where The Night Knights help the whole family to discover their own imaginations. Ask an older sibling who is in “the know” for ideas. Find an intruder (siblings stuffies work great for this, or ones that are not well liked) who can be captured trespassing, The Night Knights might have a ride in a remote control car. Anything works. Check out The Night Knights Social Media accounts to see what kinds of quests other Night Knights have been having.

There is no discount available for purchasing more than one Night Knights package. Up to 3 Night Knight packages can be shipped to the same address at one time.

At this time The Night Knights are only available as one package – 1 storybook, 2 dolls, and 1 drawstring knapsack. Plans are being made to have all items available separately in the future, so please keep checking back regularly or sign up to our newsletter to be notified.

New book titles for The Night Knights will be coming. Please check back regularly or sign up to our newsletter to be notified.

Please email to tell us about the issue. We’re here to help and we will always make sure that you are satisfied by solving any problem you have.

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